Legislative push for African American Reparations from American tax dollar FINALLY

The Black Lives Matter movement finally won!

It’s been a long haul and a LOT of protesting but we did it! Liberals and progressives have made the change necessary to reverse the effects of racism, discrimination and prejudice against the black community for the last four centuries. Through a legislative push in the new Democrat house majority, proposals for reparations for African Americans will finally be coming out of the American tax dollar.

Here’s how it will work.

If the legislative push is successful in the next election cycle, black American citizens will no longer have to pay income taxes or sales tax on the goods and services they receive. Their state ID card (if they even have one) will serve as a marker to any store or shop that they are relieved of all tax charges.

Black Lives Matter demands as found on

Secondly, all black Americans will receive a monthly monthly reparations checks. These will behave similarly to the checks, payments or direct deposits received by white people from the US government for their white privilege. These payments would range between $120 per month up to $900 per month depending on their current income and what percentage of each individual is black.

Finally, black Americans will get free college tuition. This will be paid for, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez articulately described it, by paying for it.

This is one small step for economic justice in favor of the American black community. Finally, after all these years, the pain of slavery and oppression will be alleviated one entitlement at a time!

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