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“Ben Shapiro came to my school. I didn’t feel safe, couldn’t sleep and required counseling”

Growing number of students feeling threatened by Ben Shapiro's presence

Despite the peaceful efforts of Antifa to prevent fascists and white supremacists from invading our schools, Ben Shapiro (renowned white supremacist jew) came to the University of Wisconsin on the 14th to spew his regular hatred and bigotry.

Many students of color feel threatened by such a racist stepping onto campus. Alex “La Fruta” Gorgonio, a transgender latinx immigrant from Hawaii is one of many students from the University of Wisconsin who required immediate counseling just after they heard of Shapiro’s arrival on campus.

I was going over my gender studies notes for my midterm when I heard the news. Immediately, I broke out into a cold sweat and felt unsafe. I felt like I would be attacked by Trump supporters. Ben Shapiro – and I can barely even say his name without trembling – is a big scary guy with a lot of support from hateful conservatives. I haven’t slept since I heard he was coming. I feel threatened and all of the university safe spaces are full.

  • Alex “La Fruta” Gorgonio

As it turned out, Ben Shapiro came to the university, spoke, and left without so much as a slap on the wrist from his opposition. No one stopped him. What kind of world are we living in when looming threats like Ben Shapiro can just walk onto campuses with the “right” to speak?

In this instance, Alex had to wait in line to receive counseling from the university’s medical center. Therapy is generally required for many open-minded liberals on college campuses after someone as bigoted as Ben Shapiro even steps foot on campus.

Franklin Ulysses Cruz, a counselor at University of Washington had this to say about the influx of college students in need of therapy after a racist like Ben Shapiro shows up:

These students are legitimately feeling threatened by this speaker. They come into my office crying, wailing, shaking and none of them can even. It’s a sad world we live in when blatant Nazis like Ben Shapiro are allowed to terrorize colleges unopposed.

  • Franklin Ulysses Cruz, Counselor at University of Wisconsin

One of these days, the left will win. We will abolish the first amendment and anyone who does not agree with our rational points of view will be silenced. It’s for the greater good. We cannot risk the mental health of our people of color who are just here to learn, by subjecting them to opposing viewpoints by guest speakers giving a 25 minute lecture.

Diversity is our strength.

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