Cultural push to finally eliminate “Christmas” from the list of national holidays

It's "Happy Holidays" or nothing at all

What is Christmas? Generally speaking, “Christmas” is a pagan holiday pushed by the religious right in order to push their conservative agenda – and currently it’s protected legally. Ever since “separation of church and state” was a thing, the religious right has been out to tear it down.

A liberal group led by millennials called the Generation Respecting Intersectionality on National Christmas Holidays is spearheading the effort to remove Christmas from the list of national holidays. They have had opposition in the past but in the recent years since the dawn of the Trump administration, the group has encountered less and less resistance.

There is no real reason for Christmas to be an nationally recognized holiday. Since America is not a Christian theocracy, every year that America celebrates Christmas is just reaffirming the religious dictatorship endorsed by our legislature. It’s sickening.

Even Trump loves christmas

If you want to celebrate a winter solstice festivity, you’d be a racist bigot not to say “Happy Holidays” instead. Saying “Happy Holidays” tells people multiple things:

  • You’re a far left liberal
  • You hate Christmas and anyone who celebrates it
  • You know diversity is our strength
  • You’re a democrat voter and proud

The faster we rub out Christmas from the list of American national holidays, the higher chance we will have of eventually having tuition free college, free health care, the end of homelessness, open borders and a permenant blue wave – considering the current color of Christmas is red, the color of hatred and racism (all synonyms for conservative and republican).

Join the liberal left in their tolerant intolerance of people celebrating Christmas this holiday season. If you hear someone say “Merry Christmas,” be sure to correct them immediately.


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