New study finds Caucasian zygotes are racist weeks before becoming human

And what to do about it before it becomes a problem

(Claremont, NJ) A study published this week in Journal of Biomedical Science finds that human zygotes with European genetics begin showing an unhealthy bias against people of color as early as three weeks after fertilization. These findings bolster years of anecdotal evidence suggesting that racism is a trait co-mingled with the genetic markers for non-pigmented epidermis associated with caucasian individuals.

“It’s not hard to see that racism is present once you look at it through a microscope.” Says Dr. Melisa Humphrey of the Claremont Biogenetic Institute. “I mean – just look at that little Nazi clump of cells.”

Dr. Humphrey has been working at CBI along side Dr. Judith Torres and Cedric the Genetic Scientist towards developing an affordable prenatal test that could be administered by the mother to look for signs of racism by testing for the presence of Caucasoid pollutants. While results so far are promising, they are still months away from a working prototype.

Once they’re born and become fully human our only options are shaming them or, in the later stages, punching them, but when they’re still in utero our options include complete eradication. And that’s a good thing. It’s preferred that the mother is aware of the potential fascism her body is producing before the birth process begins.

This discovery comes on the heels of a study conducted back in June by a team at UC Berkley which showed that nearly 100% of fetuses which completed gestation using the XY chromosomes instead of the XX chromosomes grew up to be rapists.

“These tests are a great start,” Says Dr. Humphrey. “But without commonsense prevention of these European zygotes and Y chromosomes we’ll always be fighting an uphill battle.”

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