Owning pets if you’re a white male is racist and here’s why

White people shouldn't own pets because it's one step removed from slavery

Historically speaking, we know that it’s a fact that white people were the only people in the history of our species to take and own slaves – predominantly blacks. Since the dawn of white people around 100,000 years into our species’ timeline, white men have systematically oppressed blacks and people of color almost as a rite of passage.

Fast forward to the 1860’s of American history when Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States, he was a “Republican” secretly he was a democrat (because conservatives are the racist ones). Lincoln freed the slaves, marking the beginning of the civil rights movement – or at least the first step in that direction.

Almost every white man in America owned at least one black slave up until that point. Since slavery became illegal, white men and their fragile masculine egos needed to own something – something living.


Because deep down all white men are racist – some more than others. That’s why owning a pet if you’re a white male has deep racist undertones. It’s essentially telling the world, “Hey! Even though I can’t technically own slaves, I can own this living creature that I can use and abuse with no repercussions.” It’s sickening.

If you see a white man with a dog or a cat, don’t gawk at the cute animal. Just keep in the back of your mind that the owner is most likely a racist who is only owning a pet not for companionship (like POCs or women), but because they most likely have a secret disdain for black people.

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