Eric Swalwell is right – the US should use nuclear force as a last resort to disarm citizens of assault weapons

Assault weapons are no match for the US nuclear arsenal

On Friday, November 16th, California representative Eric Swalwell put forth a chilling yet brave statement for dealing with the uncontrollable number of citizens with assault rifles and AR-15s. Conservatives have been saying that the 2nd amendment was in case a tyrannical government tries to take their guns away. Little do they know, the conservatives themselves are the tyrannical fascists who must be disarmed.

Rep. Eric Swalwell’s response to the idea of 2nd amendment advocates taking up arms against the government trying to confiscate their guns.

Threatening nuclear warfare on American citizens over their supposed “right” to keep and bear arms. They think the constitution means that it’s totally fine to walk around with killing machines of their own. Well, constitutions are made to be amended.

Let’s not forget that there was a time when slavery was constitutional. In fact, there was a civil war about that. Why? Because the people in charge knew what was best. Slavery is wrong and we spared no expense and went to the fullest measures to make sure slavery was eradicated.

Who’s to say we couldn’t or even shouldn’t do the same about gun owners? Representative Eric Swalwell, an ardent anti-gun advocate suggested nuking American citizens if they do not give up their guns. You’d be ignorant not to think that Abraham Lincoln himself would not use nukes against the confederates for the purpose of freeing slaves.

Considering the majority of the gun owners live in red states, they should heed the proposed warning because should we come to this democratic final solution, many birds will be killed with one stone.

Eric Swalwell is a thought hero among us liberals and democrats. We are on the right side of history.


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