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Sources close to the Mueller probe say Barron Trump will be indicted any day now

If indicted Barron Trump will be the thirty-third member of the Trump Campaign to be indicted

The walls are closing in on Barron Trump. The youngest son of the President is under growing scrutiny for a series of statements made to an undercover FBI agent during a party at Mar-a-lago in December of 2015. The agent (identified in leaked court documents as Santa #1) was told that that Barron wanted “nothing” for Christmas and Barron repeated that assertion again later in the evening stating “I don’t want anything” even adding, “I’m good.” However a letter turned over to the special counsel written from Barron Trump to unknown person (identified simply as Santa #2) in November of 2015 states that Barron would “love to get a Batmobile for Christmas” and is “…looking forward to meeting you to discuss future gift ideas.”

Lying to the FBI, even an undercover agent, is a crime punishable by execution without trail.

Democrats seized on this opportunity to call out what they see as another example of obvious corruption inside the Trump Administration. Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California wasted no time bravely denouncing the President’s son on the steps of the Capitol Building.

“Barron Trump is guilty of collusion just like his daddy! G-I-L-T-T-Y” The 90-year-old representative yelled to a crowd of supporters while waving a loaded pistol. “We gonna impeach his ass, you hear me!? Impeach Barron Trump!”

Barron Trump the day after the allegations – unaware of the danger of his position.

The President seemed unfazed reaffirming his position that the Mueller probe is illegitimate.

“Why would (Barron) write Santa?” President Trump said. “Look at me – I’m Santa. I’m Santa.”

If indicted Barron Trump will be the thirty-third member of the Trump Campaign to be indicted, a mark of notoriety young Barron doesn’t seem to mind.

“Thirty-three, huh? Dubs. Check ‘em.” He said cryptically before climbing aboard Air Force One.

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