This Thanksgiving, don’t serve turkey to your conservative relatives

The #NoTurkeyForTrump movement is taking the country by storm

Thanksgiving is right around the corning. It’s the day where families are supposed to come together and celebrate everything they’re thankful for over a festive feast. A typical rule in an American household is to leave politics at the door – meaning of course, don’t discuss politics at the dinner table. This rule is in place because sometimes political disagreements can rip families apart and there are those who say that nothing is more important than family – so why risk it?

We’ll tell you why.

Cultural and political change starts at home. There is a growing number of liberals and left-wing individuals who have a policy which required family members to state at the door their political affiliation and who they voted for in the 2016 election.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family but I just can’t allow my brother to raise his children thinking that Mexicans are rapists. That’s why I won’t serve him or his children any food this Thanksgiving until they prove that they will vote blue in 2020.

We don’t advocate for kicking family members out of your house because that would be intolerant and reminiscent of what Trump wants to do to all non-cis-gendered white males in America. Instead, many liberals are refusing to serve their Trump supporting family members any turkey this year.

The #NoTurkeyForTrump movement is taking the nation by storm. The aim of this movement is to make Trump supporting family members realize the error in their thinking. By being denied food at Thanksgiving dinner from their family, they will realize that they themselves are the intolerant ones, not the family denying the food.

Once the Trump supporters realize that in order to receive food this Thanksgiving dinner, they must reject their Trump supporting views and the corresponding racist and bigoted ideologies, they will surely become liberals. This is is how to use national holidays for the greater good. Diversity is our strength.


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