Climate Change

Trump responsible for climate change disproportionately affecting California via wildfires

President Trump won't admit that he started the fire

Trump does not hide the fact that he believes climate change is a hoax made up by China so he bases his policies on the premise that there’s nothing wrong the Earth’s climate. The truth is, climate change has gotten worse and the globe has become warmer since Donald Trump took office, making Trump solely responsible for the crises and catastrophes sweeping our nation and the world.

The Simi Valley Fire, Hill Fire, Mureau Fire, Easy Fire, Ghetty Fire and so many others were all caused by Donald Trump himself.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that Donald Trump does not like California, the politics involved with California or the people running California. Why? Because it’s predominantly a blue state. Even though California has the highest homeless rate in the country, property is the most expensive, taxes are the highest and people are fleeing California at record rates, California is great because California is good.

Trump doesn’t think so. Ever since he rescinded DACA, global warming has spiraled out of control. Once he lowered corporate taxes making it easier for small companies to flourish across the nation, climate change became Earth’s undoing.

Over the past few days, California has been on fire and Trump refuses to admit that climate change had anything to do with it. In doing so, he’s inadvertently admitting that he himself is responsible for the disproportionate amount of climate change that is exclusive affecting California – coincidentally the state he despises the most.

If only Trump would take progressive measures against climate change like handing out free electric cars to every American (or migrant), offering free college tuition and health care, free housing and taxing the upper 1% at 100%, climate change would cease entirely. But he would never do that. Why? Because Trump is in the pocket of the Russians.

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