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MAGA hats reported to trigger PTSD in millennial university students across America

The racism and bigotry of Trump supporters traumatize college students

The blue wave was enough to calm the nerves of millennial college students across the nation. Data from University of Wisconsin have came in showing that more than 36% of attending students reporting symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after seeing symbols of hate, specifically MAGA hats – and individuals wearing them.

It’s no secret that Trump supporters are among the most racist people to have ever walked the Earth. They are modern day Nazis and are intolerant of the opinions of other people, which is why no one should spend any time talking to any of them to see what they actually think – we already know what they think. If they say we’re wrong, we know that they’re lying, which makes it worse.

A glowing symbol of this hatred is the infamous MAGA hat.

I saw a straight white male wearing a MAGA hat on my way back from Latinx studies. I immediately had a panic attack, had to crouch in the fetal position and count to ten. It was problematic because the nearest safe space was on the other side of campus and the cry closet was already occupied. Now I’m in therapy to treat my PTSD and the school won’t even pay for it. I’m so victimized.

  • Patrick Julian Eljeebitikew, student at University of Wisconsin

This is becoming more prominent, especially since hateful bigots like Ben Shapiro are coming to university campuses to speak, further traumatizing open-minded liberals. Students are feeling unsafe knowing that there are Trump supporters among them.

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Make America Great Again Hats are the equivalent of the Dark Mark from Lord Voldemort of the Harry Potter series. It hurts to look and strikes fear in the hearts of those who do not conform to Trump’s patriarchal worldviews.

MAGA Hat – just seeing one provokes fear and PTSD in many college students across America.

Even though there are support centers in almost every building throughout the campus, it’s showing to not be enough. PTSD is a real thing and seeing an individual wearing a MAGA hat has a similar effect to the experiences of an Iraq war veteran seeing his entire squad blown to bits by Islamic extremists individuals who lack education funding in the middle east. University of Wisconsin is the beginning but there are similar reports coming out of UC Davis, UC Berkely and NYU.

If you wish to donate to a fund which will protect the rights of these individuals, click here.

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