Trump endorses Nancy Pelosi, which makes her a white nationalist just like him

White nationalists across the country are shilling for Nancy Pelosi

In a stunning revelation to the Democratic party, it’s been all but confirmed that Nancy Pelosi is a white nationalist just like Donald Trump. This comes from the collusion of a few facts that have been revealed over the past few weeks.

After the Democrats took back the house in the mid-term elections, Nancy Pelosi is set to become the next speaker of the house. This would otherwise sound good, except for the fact that Donald Trump endorsed Nancy Pelosi himself. In a sort of political guilt by association, anyone endorsed or complimented by Donald Trump is, by default, a white supremacist or white nationalist. No different than a Nazi and no different than him.

Tweet from Donald Trump endorsing Nancy Pelosi


Why would Donald Trump endorse anyone if they didn’t share his bigoted values? Surely, he sees something in her that reminds her of him. It’s no surprise that Nancy Pelosi was also seen flashing the White Pride hand gesture upon winning the midterm elections.

Nancy Pelosi sneaking White Power symbol during speech leading most to logically assume she has some white nationalist ties.


Nancy Pelosi giving the Nazi salute at a white nationalist rally.


Furthermore, it’s been noted that Nancy Pelosi does not want to move forward with impeaching Donald Trump, should she become the new speaker of the house. You’d have to ask yourself – why not? For someone who has been such a fervent apparent disdain for Trump this entire time, she is suddenly not wanting to impeach Donald Trump when given the chance?

One must ask themselves, is this the first time we’ve had a white nationalist in the white house (besides Donald Trump of course)? Moreover, in the Democratic party? Keeping in mind of course that the Democrats were always the side of peace, tolerance and were never racist in any part of history, we must not keep our eyes closed to Robert Byrd, an actual former Ku Klux Klan member – who was endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself.

Sometimes, white nationalists will leech their way into the democratic party and we must not be blind to it. That’s why our savior Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez famously took it upon herself to protest Nancy Pelosi and all of her white nationalist views.


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