Vote manipulation by Brenda Snipes should be praised by Democrats, not vilified

When the ends justify the means, the gloves are off.

Brenda Snipes has come under fire for potential illegal activity regarding voting procedures in Broward County, Florida when she apparently ran into issue after issue with counting the votes. However, it’s worth noting that when it comes to counting votes, problems are known to arise, especially when it appears that the results are leaning unfavorably.

So in these cases, people like Brenda Snipes take the situation into her own hands to correct a few wrongs in the political sphere. Let’s face it – Republicans and conservatives are all racists and bigots, narrow minded, judgmental, and don’t give their opposition any chances to speak. This is why they should be silenced, objectively speaking.

The efforts of Brenda Snipes to manipulate the vote count is heroic and should be praised by Democrats across the board. In this case, the ends very much do justify the means and it would be foolish to not appoint more heroes like Brenda Snipes to positions of power to influence future races.

Even though her efforts did not result in a win, it definitely helped make it a much closer race. Former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid single-handedly took Mitt Romney out of contention for becoming president by suggesting he wasn’t honest with his taxes. When asked if he regretted such tactics, Reid simply responded gleefully, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Such fortitude and bravery could lead Democrats into a new era of political domination. Democrats and the left know full well that our liberal worldview is the way to American future and we must do whatever is necessary to see that through. Cheating is simply a term used by people who are in the wrong when they get beaten fairly.

NPC Contributor

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