Trump pardons racist turkey with bigoted ideologies and ties to Putin

Yet another obstruction of justice

Most turkeys are harmless creatures systematically hunted and slaughtered for the racist holiday of Thanksgiving, but Trump set a new low this evening. A turkey, which was formerly known as Alexei Kuznetsov was admittedly responsible for many social media campaign ads supporting Donald Trump funded directly from the Kremlin.

In addition, Kuznetsov has been spotted at many antisemitic and white nationalist campaign rallies, endorsed by David Duke and burned four crosses outside a black church in Georgia. Furthermore, Kuznetsov openly endorsed Nancy Pelosi, which as we are suspecting, is a white nationalist herself.

So when it comes to the chopping block – literally – Alexei Kuznetsov would otherwise be the first in line to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving, feeding the tired, needy, hungry and poor. However, that’s not what was in store for Kuznetsov today.

Donald Trump, in front of millions of people both through televised platforms, online and in person pardoned Kuznetsov. Despite the racist rhetoric of this turkey, he gets to walk free as if nothing happened. This is truly a dark and disgraceful day in American history where the sitting president feels no shame in pardoning the actions of yet another bigot he let into the White House.

This is why we resist. Diversity is our strength.


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