Liberals are leading by example – opening their doors to refugees, migrants and homeless

Celebrities will be voluntarily letting in unvetted outsiders into their homes

If there’s one thing we know – it’s that homeless people, migrants, refugees and undocumented immigrants are completely safe. The real danger to American society, as Don Lemon bravely admits, is white males. Luckily, there are no white migrants.

Unlike what Donald Trump says, there isn’t a single rapist, drug dealer, drug pusher, criminal or hostile individual in the mix of migrants and refugees. Because of this, it’s completely necessary and obligatory for anyone with a spare room in their house to provide for the homeless and needy.

Out of sheer formality, left leaning liberal public figure An0maly has put together a petition to allow for celebrities to provide housing and shelter for refugees and migrants in their giant mansions and property. Since the upper 1% of America owns 99% of the wealth, it’s definitely time for them to pay their fair share.

Click here for more details on the petition. Spare Rooms In Celebrity Mansions: Offer It To An Illegal, Refugee Or Homeless Man Today!

Liberals are leading by example. Just like so many are leaving their doors unlocked at night in solidarity with open border policies, celebrities will soon be offering up their spare rooms to huge swaths of refugees, migrants and homeless people. One step at a time, we will be taking our country back, painting it blue, and giving free stuff to people because they want it.

Here’s a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, future savior of America


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