The truth is – there really is no difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration and here’s why

To say otherwise is simply racist

What is an immigrant? An immigrant is a person of color who wants to move to America from their country of origin. What is an illegal immigrant? Well, in truth, there is no such thing and here’s why. No human being is illegal. This is of course, a fact. Since no human being is illegal, calling someone an illegal immigrant, or worse yet, an illegal alien is offensive, hateful and wrong.

Conservatives like to promote the idea that there are (or should be) rules when it comes to immigration. They incorrectly and intolerantly think that there should be process put in place to allow people to come in “legally.” This laughable notion can only be promoted by people who hate brown people.

Since there are two parties in the American political sphere, Democrats will never completely get what is right without Republicans obstructing everything we’re trying to bring to the table. We want open borders, open doors and a free flowing stream of immigrants coming in from every non-English speaking country one can think of. They don’t want this. Why? Racism.

What to do when someone tries to distinguish between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration

If you’re talking to a bigot who even uses the term “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien,” you need to stop talking to them immediately because nothing productive will come from hearing their opinion. You already know it will be invalid before they even say it. It’s worked with us so far, so there’s no use in changing our tactics now.

That’s why it makes perfect sense to criticize Melania Trump for being an immigrant when Donald Trump clearly hates all immigrants himself. There are no conservatives who are in favor of immigration in any capacity. If you hear any conservative mention something like “I’m in favor of legal immigration, just not illegal immigration. You can’t just skip ahead of the line because it’s not fair to the people going through the legal immigration process correctly,” – you know they’re lying bigots.

Do the tolerant thing and shut out any conservative who disagrees with this very clear and basic political fact. There’s no such thing as an illegal immigrant.


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