FINALLY – Transgender Disney Princess in the works. LGBTQ gets their first Disney spotlight

The first of MANY trans and LGBTQ Disney protagonists

Fighting against stereotyped gender norms is always a priority for the progressives. After years of protest against Disney’s hard-line gender conformist productions, the media giant is finally giving us the LGBT spotlight we’ve all been waiting for. A full length Disney Pixar feature film starring the Latinx transgender princess, Alexis.

Who is transgender Princess Alexis?

Alexis is the first of apparently many transgender or gender non-specific Disney protagonists in a line up of productions starting mid 2019. In the Disney production titled Alex Is, the story revolves around the main character Alex who finishes off the movie as Alexis.

Through a series of musical numbers and beautifully animated rendering and media magic produced by the artists at Pixar Studios, Alex Is tells the story of Alex, a young “boy” in the modern day Mayan kingdom of Dilatia who has always seen the world differently. It will feature two fully produced songs that will take the country by storm and help LGBTQ children across the world as they learn the lyrics to “I’m a girl on the inside” and “Chop it off.”

Details of the movie’s plot are not yet released but we’re told by reporters from Disney Productions that we will see the transition of Alex to Alexis in a heartwarming and upbeat positive light.

Our goal is to take the stigma away from the transgender community. Just like we’ve done with every minority group, making a Disney protagonist starring their marginalized representative has always helped bring a positive light to their community. Alexis is the first of many. In fact, we don’t plan on making any more cis-gendered Disney protagonists until we have reached true diversity and equality with all of our princesses.

  • Aaron Wiffoutakoc, Alexis Production Supervisor

With the LGBTQ community finally getting representation in a Disney feature film. Children across the world will feel more comfortable in the body they were assigned at birth. With any luck, transgenderism will become the new cool and we can look forward to people transitioning either for fun or in support of the LGBTQ community!


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