Jim Acosta’s new press pass is ready for pickup at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey

Embattled journalist Jim Acosta, who made headlines of his own last week after bravely challenging President Trump and having his White House press pass revoked, will be reissued a White House press pass following a judges order last week.

Usually presidents get to decide which reporters are admitted into the press briefings, but when President Trump made steps to remove Jim Acosta’s credentials the press fought back.

“Jim taught me everything I know about how to dig into a story.” said MSNBC’s Al Sharpton by telephone interview. “He taught me the importance of integrity and how truth is paramount to everything.”

The White House was forced to reissue Mr. Acosta’s pass and as an olive branch they’ve added some new features. A press release from the administration says the new pass will have “a compass, a USB charger” and “the CNN logo engraved above the words Real News.”

The new press pass is just sitting there in a small room in the basement of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Turkey waiting for Mr. Acosta to claim it. Can’t miss it. It’s the only room with a drain.

“You win some, you lose some.” said the President from the White House Rose Garden. “I’m man enough to admit when I’m beaten. Jim’s new pass is ready for him whenever he wants it.”

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