Broward County Voters Committee’s vote on whether to improve voting procedures ends in vote deadlock

A vote held Monday at the Deerfield Beach offices of the Broward County Voter’s Commission ended in a tie of 7 to 7, which is frustrating to local residents since the commission only has 9 members.

“I’m embarrassed to tell people I’m from Broward County, honestly.” Says Rick Montagna who has lived here for 47 years. “Do you know how hard it is to get embarrassed when you’re from Florida? We wear neon clothes unironically. We listen to Smashmouth.”

A recount was to be held after the committee’s noon meal break but had to be rescheduled after the committee couldn’t decide what to get for lunch.

Some say the all the recent bad press is unwarranted. Debra Kilgore, the Chairwoman of the Voter’s Committee thinks Broward County is being judged too harshly. “I think we have a very nice voting environment here in Broward County.” Said Debra at the County Clerk’s office in Deerfield Beach. “When it comes time to vote we have 45 voting booths. Well, 30 if you’re allergic to cats. We have a bowl of sugar free candy. We have Shirley handing out bottles of water. We have Smashmouth playing in the lobby.”

When pressed on vote counting irregularities Debra didn’t back down.

“The media loves to show boxes of uncounted ballots sitting in cars but they never bother to mention that a lot of the votes we found we’re from Bush-Gore in 2000. And that had nothing to do with us. I was in grade school then. And Shirley was still in prison.”

The person in charge of counting the committee’s ballots, Daniel Kearns, hopes the weekend will help them make up their minds.

“We have Saturday and Sunday to think about it. Hopefully over those four days we can get it settled enough so Monday we can just come in and vote.”

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