Ending hate speech at universities so students can finally feel safe on campus

If you have nothing constructive, nice, liberal or respectful to say, don't say anything at all

Washington State University is taking the lead in the nation by creating its first legislative set of rules to combat the overuse of hate speech on campus. One must not confuse hate speech, which are words intended to inflict harm on others, and freedom of speech which is the freedom to say whatever you want without consequence. The founding fathers did not protect hate speech in the first amendment, therefore, there is nothing upon which to infringe.

Hate speech is any of the following things:

  • Using racial slurs
  • Calling for violence towards another person of color
  • Openly stating conservative thoughts
  • Openly opposing liberal and correct ideas, views and perspectives

As you can see, hate speech is very narrow but violent in nature. When anyone takes part in any of the aforementioned activities, it makes the victims feel unsafe.

A friend of mine had a conversation with a conservative who had the nerve to say that the wage gap is a myth. He used what he called “facts” and “statistics.” My friend was so torn up that she needed to use the campus cry closet for almost two hours and wasn’t very talkative in the LGBTQ Cuddle Buddy Safe Space the next day either. We can’t allow people to openly hurt those around them with no repercussions.

  • Miya Kelifya, Gender Studies Major, Washington State University

So Washington State University is issuing penalties for instances of hate speech. It’s a simple three strike rule. If you say anything classified as hate speech, you get one strike. Three strikes and you’re expelled from school and blacklisted from the entire Washington University system. Furthermore, if other states adopt these policies, students who violate the hate speech rules will affect their admission into other colleges as well.

We strive for a day where liberal thought and speech is dominant among all college campuses and universities. We’re only in the infancy stage of this process but eventually, a day will come where there won’t be a single conservative thought or opinion voiced on a college campus – and if there are conservatives, they will rightfully know better than to make their bigotry heard. It will be a good thing.


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