“If gay people can’t get married, then neither should straight people” – push to ban marriage entirely

When it comes to the constitutional right to marry, it's all or nothing.

Republicans and conservatives hate gay people. Obviously. We know this because they’re open about it and by the fact that there are no gay republicans or gay conservatives. Red states and districts have been banning same sex marriage since the issue was brought up.

So in response, there was a fantastic idea by an non-binary transgender hydronormative animagous-kin who identifies as an asexual straight man and uses female pronouns by the name of Julie Manchild from Michigan State University says, “We should ban straight marriage until the nation recognizes gay marriage.” We couldn’t agree more.

How would the cis-gendered straight couples feel if their supposed “right” to marry each other was compromised simply because they were straight? It’s time to teach them a lesson and revoke or suspend their marriage licenses until they change their minds.

  • Julie Manchild, Michigan State University

The time for simply protesting for what we believe in has been rendered ineffective. Straight marriages are one step removed from homophobia anyway and we can’t reach true gender equality until we have the US flag have rainbow stripes and anyone can marry anybody they want with no stigma or repercussions.

Only then can we liberals be proud of our country and proud to be American.

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