All jobs to have a consistent maximum wage to prevent wealth inequality

And a $15 minimum wage to ensure comfortable living

A group of liberals arts majors from the University of Illinois are aiming to put on the ballot a referendum regarding the concept of a maximum wage, doubled with a $15 livable minimum wage for all jobs. Once again, the liberals are at it again with wonderful and revolutionary economic ideas.

The head of this group is a Latinx non-binary genderfluid demi-man by the name of William Gonzales-Jones and xir has gotten over 15,000 signatures from residence of Bureau county alone. They are pushing for a maximum wage of no more than $80,000 per year, which would include everyone from dishwashers at restaurants to CEOs and company owners.

The idea is simple. Everyone gets a livable minimum wage no matter what job they have or their experience. At the same time, no one needs more than $80,000 per year for anything. All excess money would be going to taxes and POC for reparations.

  • William Gonzalez-Jones, University of Illinois

This makes perfect sense and is exactly what we need. Once it inevitably succeeds in Illinois, it will eventually be taken nationally.

Wealth inequality is a real problem. No one should be able to buy yachts and have seven houses while someone else is homeless in the street. This is the problem with capitalism and this is why capitalism is a monumental failure. In fact, capitalism is one of the least productive and most racist and discriminatory economic systems in the world.

If we couple this with the push for the $77,000 Universal Basic Income proposed by other liberals and democrats in the Country, our nation’s citizens will be taken out of poverty within a decade.

Conservatives are against these very clear solutions to these problems because they are greedy themselves. They don’t want the poor to have any money and they just want to line their pockets even more. It’s time to stand up to the greedy conservatives, take the money that they earned and give it to people who couldn’t work as hard either by ability, education level, choice or disability.

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