The migrant caravan is here and we need open borders now more than ever

It's time to let them ALL in, no questions asked

Yesterday, the migrant caravan arrived at the southern border and was met with deadly force by ICE and the US military. Despite their storming of the border, throwing rocks and assaulting border patrol officers, this is not an invasion and is clearly just a bunch of women and children wanting a better life for themselves.

What Trump is ordering to happen at the border is unacceptable. The only reason these migrants are met with deadly force is because they are brown. If there were thousands of Icelandic migrants storming the border, Trump would of course welcome them with open arms. As we know by definition, an immigrant is a person of color who moves to this country from another. White people can’t be illegal immigrants in the racist eyes of conservatives so we can’t expect them to look at this group of Hispanic migrants with any compassion.

This is why we need open borders now more than ever. The caravan that has stormed the border yesterday is one of seven groups of migrants coming through. We need to let them come.

It’s unreasonable to think that these people will have any negative impact on the economy. It’s racist to see these people as those who will be adding to the homeless and unemployment numbers.

What we need to do is assess each individual migrant, provide each one with housing, food, clothes and water. We need to provide them their right to health care and a free education. We need to give them all driver’s licenses and register them to vote.

We have repeatedly supported the idea of unlocking your doors at night in solidarity with open borders. Celebrities will be opening up their mansions for migrants. It’s time for the nation to do the same. We should let every single migrant in and nationalize them immediately – and let them know what political party gave them those rights. There’s no such thing as too many migrants.


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