Feminists justifiably angry at gay men for not being attracted to females

A cultural push for female acceptance within the gay male community

How many times does it need to be said? Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. There is no skin color that is more beautiful than another when it comes to women. Women are powerful. Women are fierce. Women can do anything a man can do, and in some cases, better.

It’s barely understandable how women can make 77 cents to every dollar a man makes while a man carries with him every privilege freely – and if they are a white male, then they’re essentially untouchable. Women simply can’t compete fairly.

Women have it hard enough to be attractive to men but there is an intersectional class of men that has had a history of simply never finding women attractive – gay men. At least according to a feminist group called Menstral Stitches the University of South Dakota.

Men don’t understand how hard we women work to feel beautiful. We shouldn’t have to. We should be able to eat what we want, when we want it not feel pressured to work out or take care of ourselves. I haven’t showered in four weeks and I’ve had Hardee’s four times a week for a month. Men should find us beautiful but gay men simply don’t. It’s sexism to the highest degree.

  • Imafah Tass, University of South Dakota

Though homosexuals and members of the LGBTQAIBRAPBRAP community often face discrimination of their own, it’s important for every non-white woman and POC to stick together. The divisiveness that’s been demonstrated by gay men not finding women attractive is counterproductive.

That’s why there is a cultural and feminist push for all gay men to date a woman. It’s one thing to be romantically attracted to the same sex, but to outright blanket state that you’re not attracted to an entire demographic simply because of their gender is problematic.


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