Members of Fat Acceptance movement suing Boeing over airplane seat sizes

... and they're right to do so

Fatphobia is violence. Fat people do not die from being fat and it’s shameful for individuals to judge someone’s character just by how much they weight. It’s discrimination to the highest order when society ostracizes fat people for being fat and strips them of their rights and privileges simply for how they look.

The standard Boeing airplane seat ranges from 17.5 inches to 18.5 inches. This is problematic for individuals whose waist sizes exceed these dimensions. Oftentimes when obese people attempt to buy plane tickets, they are forced to purchase two seats, which becomes two tickets, which becomes twice the price. Imagine being so ostracized and oppressed that you’re forced to pay double the travel fair simply because you belong to a demographic they don’t accept.

I was forced to buy two plane tickets because apparently my size was problematic. I was oppressed and in a way, raped by Boeing. The thin woman behind me only needed to buy one ticket. This isn’t fair.

  • Imalsowafa Tass, University of South Dakota

So that’s why as of Monday, a class action lawsuit is being filed against the Boeing company until they fix the seat sizes on all of their airplanes. The average new wave millennial feminist has a waist width that hovers around 20 to 22.5 inches across. If she would want to fly to Paris, she would not be able to fit in a standard seat or travel at all unless she was placed in the cargo hold.

This is unacceptable.

As mentioned in morbid obesity is the new beautiful, there is nothing wrong with being fat. In fact, being fat should be so accepted that people with a certain level of fitness or thinness should be the ones paying extra. It makes sense too – if you someone is going out of their way to make themselves more fit or thin for no purpose other than to slander and jab at fat people, they should pay the price!

That’s why Boeing will most likely lose this lawsuit and will be forced to either pay for the diabetes treatment for every one of its passengers it denied, or change every single one of their airplanes to accommodate fat people.


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