“Legal Immigrants” from Mexico expressing hate and intolerance towards migrants and refugees

Some "legal immigrants" are just as racist as Trump himself

There are millions of Mexican immigrants who are doing things the so-called “right and correct” way, by applying for citizenship after obtaining a visa or permit. This can take years, sometimes upwards of ten years or more! This is obviously too long to wait to become an American citizen, but it’s their decision to go through the “legal” process of naturalization.

The migrants and refugees, on the other hand, do not have that much time. Unlike the “legal” immigrants from Mexico who are leaving mexico to flee poverty and oppression to seek freedom and opportunity on American soil, the migrants and refugees are fleeing poverty and oppression in order to seek freedom and opportunity on American soil! Big difference.

So why are the so-called “legal” immigrants so upset that the migrants and refugees are, in their words, “cutting the line”? They should understand. We interviewed one intolerant Mexican immigrant at the Tijuana border.

I got a work permit in America back in 2013. I re-applied every year, learned English and paid taxes. Then in 2017, I was fortunate enough to obtain a green card through a long application process. I couldn’t be more proud! In time, I plan on becoming an American Citizen. It may not happen for another four or five years but it’s worth the wait. Though I sympathize, I don’t think it’s fair that so many people get to just storm the border and expect to get what I worked so hard for – for free and for no time.

  • Enrique Hernandez, permanent resident of the US

His quote just seethes hatred, comparable to that of Trump and his supporters. Enrique Hernandez is one of many Mexican “legal” immigrants who are expressing intolerance for the refugees calmly and peacefully approaching the southern border.

We have always been advocates of open borders for the caravan and refugees, and even as far as leaving our doors open and unlocked at night. Nothing makes refugees feel more welcome than the freedom to walk right into your house while you sleep.



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