Simba will be gay in Disney’s live action remake of Lion King and it’s awesome!

The LGBTQ community gets another spotlight in this altered version of Lion King

Disney has heard our calls once again! With hints that Elsa in Frozen 2 having a girlfriend and the first transgender Disney princess rocking the theaters in the upcoming years, we will finally see a gay Simba! From popular demand and overwhelming support by activists in the LGBTQBRAP community, the new live action rendition of Lion King (Summer 2019) will feature Simba as a flamboyant homosexual.

Other characters will be altered in order to effectively fit the narrative of the new progressive Lion King.

This is a step in the right direction for intersectionality and acceptance. Donald Glover will portray gay Simba beautifully since he has proven his talent in mimicking the voice and mannerisms of regular homosexual behavior in his hit single¬†This Is America.¬†Having a gay Simba is exactly what Lion King needed from the start, but society and American culture just wasn’t quite there yet. Now it is, and now we’re proud.

Simba and male love interest. “Nala” will be replace with a new character voiced by Terry Crews.

The Disney fan favorite Lion King villain, Scar, will be reminiscent of Donald Trump’s dictatorial regime as he essentially “stole” the territory from the rightful king. Remind you of anything? It should.

So who better to combat the racist, sexist and bigoted mindset of Scar and the hyenas (Trump and his supporters) than a flamboyantly gay Simba (the progressive left that wins at the end). 2019 will be a defining year in American culture and Disney is listening to our voices – and they are being heard.

Diversity is our strength.

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