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If we had a wall, the asylum seekers wouldn’t be able to come to America and why that’s a bad thing

Because we don't need a wall. We need open borders.

In case it wasn’t made clear, we need open borders now more than ever. Racist conservatives like to propagate ideas like we don’t have a country if we don’t have borders. The fact of the matter is, borders are just lines drawn on a map that mean nothing. Considering that America was founded by a group of colonizing cis-gendered white males, the borders that they made shouldn’t even be relevant, yet we still have to keep having this argument in 2018 – almost 2019.

A wall is the opposite of an open border. What we need are open borders, and what the president and other conservatives want to put up is a wall. Walls keep people out – so why would we want that when we want to let in as many people as possible?

Wholesome intentioned migrants crossing into the land of the free

Asylum seekers are peaceful. Every single one of them are coming here with the sole intention of bettering our country and saving it from racist conservatives. When people complain that migrants are “throwing rocks” at ICE agents, we know they are grasping at straws. This may happen, but we don’t need to acknowledge it. As we know, ICE is racist so they can expect some resistance from foreign individuals.

These foreign individuals need to come into the country, not only because these so-called “illegal” immigrants are great for the economy, they are almost certain to vote blue in the next election cycle. After all, that is the goal. How to we assure that? We assure that by being the side of American politics to let them in and give them as many free assets, assistance programs and entitlements possible. We will pay for it by paying for it.

It’s good that we don’t have a wall right now because if Trump had his way and we had a wall on our southern border, almost none of the migrants would be able to come over – or at most, very few. This is counterproductive to our liberal goals so we must fight against the proposition of the wall at every turn.

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