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“I cheated on my husband because he’s a Trump supporter and I’m not even sorry”

How Trump ruins relationships

The 2016 election had many adverse affects on friendships, families and relationships and it doesn’t go unnoticed. When people disagree with one another, conflicts rise. When conflicts rise, things can change depending on how it’s handled.

We spoke with Annabelle Dunlap from San Francisco who said she cheated on her husband because he was a Trump supporter and she was not. A simple difference in political beliefs has nearly torn the marriage apart.

I’ve been married to my husband for seven years. We never discussed politics until recently. He said he was a Republican but I didn’t believe him. Then he said he voted for Trump and I was shocked. All this time, I never knew the he actually hated women and people of color. I felt betrayed. Sickened. To cope with this heartache, I found myself having an affair with six other men I met at a Women’s Rights protest. I feel awful about what I’ve done, but it’s nothing compared to what he’s done.

  • Annabelle Dunlap, 31, San Francisco

We’re with you, Annabelle. Though adultery is generally frowned upon, it’s understandable in these cases. Finding out that after seven years of marriage that your husband actually hates you – he had already done worse than cheating with six other people just by being a Trump supporter.

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Hopefully Annabelle’s husband will learn from this incident. If he wants his marriage to work, he needs to change his political and cultural views. He needs to denounce racism, hatred and bigotry. He needs to be in favor of medicare for all and Democratic socialism. If he isn’t, it wouldn’t be unjust to continue the affairs.

This is just one of many instances where Trump has ruined relationships. It won’t stop until he in impeached.

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