Trump refuses to accept the devastating earthquake striking Alaska is caused by climate change

Climate change denial destroys yet another city

Today, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Anchorage Alaska, setting off tsunami warnings throughout the coastal regions. This earthquake is the latest effect of climate change, yet president Trump maintains firmly that he does not “buy in” to global warming.

Ever since Trump took office, he has enacted one climate change denying policy after another. Once he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, hurricanes began sweeping through the Atlantic at a staggering rate, fires spread wildly through California, nightclubs and bars are getting shot up and now – major Earthquakes are hitting US territory.

More Alaskan earthquake damage directly linked to Trump’s denial of climate change

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Trump’s denial of climate change can and has had devastating effects on our environment. Climate change can only be combated with a strict carbon tax, a full on switch to Democratic Socialism and the abolition of private property and market-based capitalism.


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