Liberals impersonating conservative public figures and taking their money and why they deserve it

If the ends justify the means, maybe identity theft isn't so bad?

Let’s face it. Conservatives are capitalists by nature. Capitalists are known for their greed and selfishness, therefore, in theory, it wouldn’t be wrong for some of that money to be given to those in need. Lately there have been a few conservatives who have been the “victims” of social media identity theft.

Let’s be clear about this. If liberals are victims, obviously that’s a problem. These problems often sprout from racism, xenophobia, bigotry and the rest of it – and this can only come from conservatives aimed towards liberals, people of color and members of the LGBTQTP community. For this reason, there are very few (if any at all) conservatives that fit the bill of the “victim.” If any conservative does claim to be victimized by the left, chances are they’re overreacting, lying or just shielding themselves from the bigotry they’re projecting.

One such “victim” is Mindy Robinson, a so-called conservative woman who appears to be a Trump supporter. This obviously makes no sense to us, so it’s clear that she’s lying. (How can a woman support Trump when he grabs so many of them by the genitals without permission?).

She claims that someone impersonated her, stole her pictures, made a new Twitter account and  a GoFundMe in order to get money from other conservatives because she “Got fired for being a Trump supporter.” The fake account was aiming to garner sympathy from other conservatives and Trump supporters in the form of donations.

Mindy Robinson’s actual racist twitter account
The fake account that used Mindy Robinson’s pictures

Both the GoFundMe and the fake twitter were taken down after being reported multiple times. We don’t condone identity theft, but maybe scares like this could be sufficient to change the hearts and minds of conservatives. Maybe things like this are a good thing – where the ends justify the means.

Because let’s face it – the fake profile made more sense than her real profile. Losing a job because you’re a racist bigoted homophobic xenophobe is a lot more probable than the existence of a female conservative anyway! A woman in support of Trump makes about as much sense as a person of color in support of Trump. We as liberals cannot accept that as a possibility so it’s best to turn the other way and focus on what we know are the main threat – straight white males.


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