Michael Cohen admits Trump knew as early as 2015 that it was Hillary’s turn to be president

The plot thickens with more revelations about Trump

Federal investigators have obtained a confession from President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen that on at least two separate occasions, then Candidate Trump was told in no uncertain terms that it was her turn, not his.

At this time, we have ample evidence to prove that Donald Trump colluded with the American voter to defeat the will of the Obama Administration and his Department of Justice with full knowledge it was not his turn to do so. It was her turn. Her. Turn.

  • an unnamed source working for either the FBI, DOJ, or CNN

For years the Trump administration has been trying to obstruct the Mueller probe by giving false leads to smokescreen investigators. First, Trump made it seem like he had colluded with Russia, but the Mueller probe saw past this ruse. Next Trump tried to dazzle prosecutors with a fake story about paying Stormy Daniels campaign money, but again the lie fell short. This new evidence, coupled with the fact that Trump is indeed a, what he was bestowed as a “bad orange man,” from a premonitory fever dream of the liberal collective, is all the Obama DOJ working in exile needed to prove their case.

The fact that Trump knew it was her turn comes as no surprise to investigators.

“We knew he was up to something. We just didn’t know what. So we put a spy in his campaign and nothing. So we opened up a title-1 surveillance warrant on him and still got bupkis. But all it took was a few years of putting people in solitary, threatening lengthy prison sentences, selectively enforcing laws, kicking in lawyers doors, harassing people in public, leaking info, and presto- we got him.” Remarked our unnamed source. “It’s like I’ve been saying for years, any day now we’re going to see Trump in Leavenworth.”

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