We want free education, free housing, free food and free health care. It’s that simple.

And it's not that hard to achieve

Let’s be abundantly clear. If you’re on American soil, you are constitutionally entitled to a series of government benefits that the current administration is neglecting to provide. Conservatives like to tout the idea that such entitlements are too expensive. These are the same people spending millions of dollars on campaign finance when this money could be going to feeding, educating and providing health care for every American.

Education is important. Our children need to be educated by the state and given free college tuition. If we invest in our youth, it will pay off later. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a single instance where students have to ever pay for their college. Regardless of their choice in major and regardless of whether or not their major is in demand – it needs to be covered 100%.

Liberal protester demanding free stuff like we all should.

Secondly, there are too many homeless people in the world and way too much wealth concentrated in the upper 1%. We need to tax the upper 1% at 98% so they will know how the rest of us feel. The money that is currently hogged by these greedy capitalists needs to be spent on housing for the homeless and housing for all of the migrants and refugees. In the land of the free, things should actually be free.

Furthermore, there’s no reason our great country should have starving citizens or starving refugees. After dismantling the US military in its entirety, the money should be spent on food for everyone, everywhere, forever.
Finally, there is no reason for sickness in our country. Healthcare should be free. If there’s one thing that liberals and Democratic Socialists alike know, it’s that we need the free things.

So why don’t we have all of this free stuff?

The simple answer is – conservatives, Republicans and Trump. If it weren’t for anyone who’s even slightly to the left of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, everything would be free in this country and no one would be starving, poor, homeless or without health care.

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