Everyone should be able to vote in American elections without exception

To be a true Democracy, literally every vote should count

Everyone should be able to vote in American elections. This includes people of color, women, LGBTQ+ folks, felons (except rapists), undocumented immigrants, and Muslims. But in the fight for equal suffrage for all, there is one group of people which are consistently and unjustly excluded from the struggle: Non-Americans.

And no, I don’t mean non-Americans as in undocumented immigrants. They are Americans of course, just not according to Trump and his fascist government. I’m talking about non-citizens who are also non-residents, people who live in foreign countries. When you think about it, there is no real reason why someone living in Afghanistan or Mali should not be able to vote in our elections. In fact, they might have more of a right than most Americans do, at least white Americans.

Let’s use the example of Afghanistan. When Trump stole the presidency, one of the promises he made at his Nuremberg rallies was to increase the number of troops present in Afghanistan. This is a decision which will affect the lives of millions of Afghani people. For some, this could mean death for them, but for everyone, it means more years of American occupation.

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Meanwhile, in America, no matter who wins the election, most white men go about their days as if nothing happened. This is because they are so privileged that a change in power does not affect them very much. Whether Trump or Clinton won, they will continue to have disproportionate wealth, privilege, and safety in our society.

Clearly, the outcome of an election in the United States affects a typical Afghan civilian far more than it will affect the average white man in America. If white men have the right to vote, there is no good reason why people in a country like Afghanistan should not be able to vote.

And this argument can be expanded beyond Afghanistan. America is the world’s largest economic power thanks to corporate neo-colonialism and predatory capitalism. Anything that happens in American necessarily affects the rest of the world, so it is only fair that the rest of the world gets to have a say on what the outcome of our elections is.

As well, it is ridiculous to deny people the right to vote just because they don’t live in a certain place. A person born right across the US border cannot vote but a person born on the other side of the world to parents who happen to be American can? But of course, the kid born on the other side of the world is probably white, while the kid born in Ciudad Juarez is probably Latinx, no surprise that the American government would discriminate.

Lastly, if the whole world could have voted in the previous election, then Hillary would have totally won. Statistics from the time of the election show that in almost every country around the globe, Hillary was the favorite to win the election. Allowing the whole world to vote would ensure a Democrat victory every election!

So yes, in my opinion, if you want to be a true progressive, you must support voting rights for ALL, including non-citizens and non-residents.

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