Bradford University Safe Space – No Whites Allowed, and why that’s a good thing

Bradford State University in California was brave enough to be the first in the country open its diverse multicultural center for people of all color, genders and backgrounds, making a special exception to white people.

This is a brave move because it challenges the patriarchy and racial supremacy that has reigned supreme for the past 200 years. Since white people occupy congress and law enforcement, college campuses are in desperate need for non-white Safe Spaces.

Safe Space is a room or a location free from oppression, negative feelings, reality and racial prejudices. For so long, these safe spaces were inclusive to white students who may have felt oppressed based on their individual disability, nonconforming sexual orientation, gender identity or other issues. Not anymore for Bradford State University. No matter how poor, disabled or disadvantaged an individual white person is, they are still far more privileged than even the most affluent POC.

Because of this, the non-White Safe Space was born.

Everywhere I go, there are always white people giving me dirty looks because I’m brown. Thanks to this Safe Space, I can at least have a few minutes per day without being oppressed by the white existence.

– Rena Gomez (Latinx F, nonbinary, Gender Studies)

Some people have problems with this revolutionary idea, though. Some people will wake up in 40 years and realize that they were on the wrong side of history.

I don’t know. I feel like this is segregation all over again. I’d never treat someone of a different race than mine differently. I make every effort to judge on character, not the color of someone’s skin.

– Ryan Harrington (M, Racist, Trump Supporter)

Once white people realize how oppressive they’re being, college campuses would no longer be in such a desperate need for non-white safe spaces. Until then, one step at a time.


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