Hate Crimes

Why the term “illegal immigrant” should be classified as hate speech

Because no human being deserves the dehumanizing label of "illegal"

The term “illegal immigrant” is, at best, a dehumanizing slur against people of color. It’s the “n” word of our generation, yet people use it without a second thought. You can tell because you hear it all the time from conservative news hosts and public figures, as opposed to the progressive left leaning figures who refer to these individuals by the correct terminology – immigrants.

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The simple truth is, no human being is illegal. That’s physically not possible because only acts and actions can be illegal if they break the law. The “laws” that undocumented immigrants are breaking are unjust and unfair and since we don’t like them, it doesn’t matter if they are broken. Therefore, calling individuals “illegal” based solely on the fact that they are in the country illegally is inhumane.

Another similar term that is just as inhumane as “illegal immigrant” is “illegal alien.” This is even worse because now the racist speaker isn’t even acknowledging their humanity. Aliens, by definition, are unwelcome and non-human intruders. How heartless must one be to call another human being such a terrible word? That’s why Conservatives are the cancer of society.

So what should be done about this hate speech?

If someone uses the word “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” in its so-called correct context, the punishments should range from a small fee to jail time for repeat offenders. Liberals in universities across the country are uniting against this slanderous speech against people of color as they move forward with petitioning to get this regulation on the ballot for the next election cycle. Diversity is and always will be our strength.

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