Captain Marvel isn’t a transgender person of color and that’s problematic

It's time for the MC universe to acknowledge liberal values

A long anticipated movie from the MC universe is hitting theaters in 2019. Come March, people will be lining up to see Captain Marvel – Marvel’s latest superhero that will undoubtedly save the world from yet another catastrophe headed its way. Captain Marvel is indeed a female protagonist, one of very few in the MC universe, but given today’s requirements for progressive culture, this simply isn’t enough.

Captain Marvel would have been Marvel’s golden opportunity to either cast a transgender person of color as Captain Marvel herself, or for Captain Marvel to be portrayed as a transgender person of color. It only makes sense and it’s what we expected, but Marvel let us down.

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Now, Captain Marvel will be just another cis-gender normative production catering to the male fantasy of a beautiful feminine heroine no different than Tomb Raider or Katniss.

I was so excited when I heard that Captain Marvel was going to be a movie, but I broke down in tears when I saw the trailer. Captain Marvel was cast as a regular blonde woman and not a marginalized minority.

  • Alex Samuelson the Ferberger, Intersectionality Major at University of Crock

We can only hope that in Avengers 4, Marvel brings back everyone killed off in Avengers 3 as transgender people of color. If Marvel truly wants to be accepted by the progressive liberal movement of its millennial viewers, there needs to be a nod of acknowledgment to the gay pride community displayed prominently during one of the climactic scenes in the next Marvel blockbuster.

Until then, we can only assume the Marvel is a racist, bigoted and xenophobic company dead set on oppressing cis-gendered non-whites. It’s sickening.


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