“Merry Christmas” is a bigoted phrase and should be classified as hate speech

Christmas is a racist and hate-filled holiday that must be stopped

It’s only appropriate to start by pointing out the simple fact that not everyone in America is Christian, Catholic or from any kind of Judeo Christian ethnic background. Therefore, the winter festive phrase “Merry Christmas” is problematic because it’s exclusionary to those outside of that narrow religious sect. Liberals know and understand this, which is why we are taking a firm stance against it.

Millennials from the University of Maine are organizing a petition to include “Merry Christmas” on the ever growing list of phrases and terminology considered hate speech. NPC Daily backs them up entirely.

I’m a pagan witch and my coven of strong independent goddesses does not celebrate “Christmas.” A high school male wearing a Santa hat came up to me and said, “Merry Christmas,” before handing me a candy cane. I almost lost it. I screamed at the top of my lungs and collapsed on the ground shaking in the fetal position until an ambulance was called. I couldn’t handle it.

  • Crystal Merth, University of Maine

The truth is, saying “Merry Christmas” to a non-Christians is offensive and wrong. It has an adverse effect that could alter their self esteem, their outlook and worldview, their day and their entire week. Many therapists have treated liberal students for the mental damage caused by someone saying such a vile phrase to them – and worst of all, it’s always said in a cheerful tone with a smile. Sick!

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“Happy Holidays” is by far a better alternative. In fact, anyone who says anything other than “Happy Holidays” in passing celebration of winter festivities should be cited for hate speech. Hate speech is damaging and is the verbal equivalent to violence. Violence can be met with violence so though we don’t condone violence itself, it wouldn’t be surprising if a conservative would be punched in the face for saying such a hateful greeting.

America is a country of welcoming and tolerance. For this reason, anyone who should find it acceptable to say phrases like “Merry Christmas”  should promptly leave. There’s no room for that kind of hate here.


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