It’s time to admit that Trump is solely responsible for climate change

Earth is at it's warmest during Trump's administration. Quite a coincidence.

It’s no secret that Trump denies global warming and the effects thereof. He ran his entire presidential campaign on the notion that climate change isn’t real and that anyone who believes in climate change should be deported. However, the problem of Earth’s climate when pertaining to Donald Trump goes a lot deeper.

Once Donald Trump got elected in 2016, he started putting policies in place that actually sped up climate change. Since his election, there has been natural disaster after another all attributable to Trump’s stubborn denial of climate change: Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael, the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, the volcano is Villarrica, Chile, the Alaskan Earthquake – and that’s just to name a few.

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The truth is, Trump’s capitalistic nature and manufacturing business negotiations aided to climate change before he took office, making him not just responsible for the climate change since he took office, but the decade before. Given the fact that climate has been shifting rapidly over the past fifty years or so, that’s concordant with the amount of time that Trump has been an active member in the polluting industry.

According to sources, Earth is on a one way non-stop trip to becoming a burning a barren wasteland similar to Mars or Venus in the next 50 ti 70 years – but Trump doesn’t care because he won’t be around then. Enough people have died because of his disastrous Trump Care policies, thousands have died since he defunded Meals on Wheels and as if that wasn’t enough, he’s setting the world up for a major extinction event, and it will all be Trump’s fault.

One thing is for sure. If Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would have been president, none of this would have happened. Those hurricanes wouldn’t have happened. The earthquakes and volcanoes wouldn’t have either. Within weeks of either of their inauguration, Earth’s atmosphere would be restored completely and the polar ice caps would be replenished entirely.

This is why we need socialism. Diversity is our strength.


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