Ben Shapiro is wrong – facts DO and SHOULD care about your feelings

We live in a world with changing facts. It's time to decide what they are.

Ben Shapiro is hate-filled right wing anti-Semitic alt-right conservative who prides himself in talking quickly and attempting to bulldoze his political opponents with arrays of points. Even though he has never won a debate in his life, he is famous for his signature phrase:

We’re sorry but not sorry, Ben Shapiro, but facts very much do and should care about your feelings. We live in a world where there are new scientific discoveries left and right. We are at a cusp of civilization where there is a new discovery every couple of years that completely changes our outlook on the world. Left unchecked, these discoveries will clash with our liberal progressive values.

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In short, liberal progressive values mean equality for everyone except for straight white males, because they have had the monopoly for far too long. Liberal progressive values mean equal pay between men and women, health care for all, free housing, free education and everything free. Conservatives like to cite “facts” that some of these entitlements of which we have constitutional rights, are not sustainable.

Consider what would happen if we listened to these facts. It would mean that some people would have to work harder than other – worse yet, it would imply that some people have to actually work in the first place! This isn’t fair and people who have majored in Gender Studies who are forced to work minimum wage jobs understand this clearly.

We can’t let facts get in the way. Facts can and should care about the feelings of progressives because without them, we’d be left with racism, bigotry and hatred – regardless of what the other side says.

Sorry but not sorry, Ben Shapiro. You’re wrong.


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