Antifa – the progressive push for good and why we need them now more than ever

It's time to stop labeling Anti-Fascists as "Fascists"

It’s shocking that this needs to be spelled out but there are so many conservatives, Republicans and even right leaning moderates who are somehow against the positive force of good that is Antifa. We’d like to break down what exactly Antifa is and why we need it.

Antifa is short for Anti-Fascist. A fascist is a straight white male who is against progressive liberal values of tolerance, anti-hate speech and in favor of capitalism. Everything wrong with the country can be summed up in the description of your average conservative. Capitalism ruins countries. Sexism, racism and bigotry tears societies apart. The only way to restore the United States is to bring forth an age of socialism, where everyone is equal no matter what.

Antifa is the National Socialist party of our country and they hate Nazis. Unfortunately ever since Trump took office, abrasively violent Nazis have taken over the country’s cities, towns and streets. However, it’s important to understand what a Nazi is in this context. Nazis are anyone with moderately conservative opinions, plain and simple. Nazis in the 1940s systematically exterminated Jews by the millions, so it’s comparable.

That’s why if anyone identifies as a Nazi, Antifa justifiably acts accordingly. If a conservative does not identify as a Nazi, that just means they are lying or in denial. Antifa acts accordingly.

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NPC Daily does not condone violence but the enemy of our enemy is indeed our friend. If the peaceful and tolerant acts of Antifa are effective at ridding the country of conservative thoughts and right-wing political viewpoints, it will have done it’s job.

Conservatives like to project their faults onto others. You cannot label a group that goes by “Anti-Fascist” as “Fascist” because it’s literally the opposite of what they are and what they stand for. Antifa is a force for good in the world and whenever you see a cluster of them marching down the street, you know you’re town is about to become culturally enriched.



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