The “White Privilege Card” explained – government racist entitlements exclusively for white people

How and why white people are privileged and have it better than people of color

If you’re not white, white people won’t tell you. If you are white, you’re told not to tell anybody. Before this article gets taken down by the Trump administration, we want to explain how the United States favors white people over people of color at every turn.

This first and foremost, takes the form of the White Privilege Card.

The White Privilege Card, is an exclusive membership for white American citizens that only white American citizens receive simply because of their white ethnic background. Make no mistake, this is a physical card that they carry with them in their wallets. With this card, white people receive a range of $500 to $1,750 per month as a direct deposit onto the card – like a rechargeable debit card. The card has their name, their picture and proof that they are white.

When this card is flashed at banks, white people automatically get approved for home loans, car loans and small business loans. Their White Privilege Number behaves like a social security number that excuses them from most traffic tickets, parking tickets and run-ins with the police.

Trump signing the White Privilege Act of 2017 from an executive order after his inauguration

This program originated in 2017 from one of Trump’s first executive orders. This is further proof that Trump is a white supremacist and is treating white people in America better than people of color. It’s sickening!

That’s why conservatives and Republicans never want to acknowledge their white privilege. If too many people catch on, the administration will be forced to revoke it – and no white person wants to lose their privilege. Keeping in mind of course that many other liberals are under the impression that white people are privileged in comparison to people of color simply due to how they are treated in society – it is in fact due to their official white privilege card. White people swear an oath upon receiving it to not talk about it to anyone who isn’t white.

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Sources have told the reporters here at NPC Daily that there are white whistle blowers who are against the White Privilege Card program and are risking everything in coming forward. The effort to expose this blatant white supremacy is to question every white person you come across and demand that you see their White Privilege Card.


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