“Why I’ve given up my dreams of owning a business to be a Democratic Socialist”

We interviewed Cory Cranston, a college graduate and entrepreneur from the University of California, Davis who reached out to us regarding his political change of heart. The following is a letter we received from a brave ex-conservative who has seen the light of Democratic Socialism.

It has always been my dream to start a company like my father did. When I was a child, my father brought me to his office at a company he founded which specialized in international marketing strategies for other companies. He built it from the ground up and became wildly successful. He didn’t pay my college tuition because he believed, as he did himself, that taking out a loan and paying it off yourself is a true sign of responsibility. If you can pay off and turn a profit on your student loan, you will have succeeded in life.

He was my role model and I wanted to always make him proud. I attended UC Davis and majored in business management at first. However, after seeing a political demonstration on the campus grounds, my mind was opened. I realized that capitalism was greedy and rips people off, especially women and people of color. My father never told me about any instances where he ripped people off, so naturally I just assumed that he did.

I realized that starting a company and being an entrepreneur means to be a pawn of capitalism. A soldier in a endless warfare of wealth, the rich against the poor. I refuse to stand with the tyrants!┬áIt’s selfish of me to try to earn more money than the people around me.

I changed my major to something I knew would help others – theater and performance arts. Through my acting, singing and dancing, I’ll be able to change the hearts and minds of everyone I see. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election and the way I see it, Bernie Sanders is and always will be my president.

Currently I’m working at a Starbucks making less than a livable wage, which is why I protest weekly for at least a $15 minimum wage so I can pay back my outrageous student loan. The government should have given me free education, free housing, free health care and they should increase my food stamps to a livable amount. Capitalism is greedy and I will forever fight against every aspect of it through my devotion to what I know is right, Democratic Socialism. I look forward to the day I see the absolute fall of capitalism.

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More and more millennials are seeing the light as they realize one by one that conservative values are what’s wrong with the country. Luckily, Bernie Sanders might be running for president once again but this time, he has more backup and followers than ever before. Diversity is our strength.

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