Why striving to be fit and healthy is actually hateful, ableist and intolerant

And being attracted to fit and healthy people is just as bad

We’re just going to come right out and say it. Fitness is overrated. Physical fitness and physical attraction to fit people is overplayed, exclusionary and just flat out unnecessary. Liberals across college campuses far and wide are understanding this in greater numbers. Most mainstream new wave feminists have taken this concept to heart and are leading the way in our liberal push away from the necessity of physical fitness.

Put simply, fit people make other non-fit people feel insecure about themselves. The worst part about it, it doesn’t even require verbal acknowledgment of the fit person. Just by standing near or within a noticeable proximity of a fit person, a fat person will “appear” comparatively less attractive to others, will feel badly about his, her or xir’s self and can lead to depression.

If a fat person feels insecure whilst standing next to a fit person, it’s the fit person who must change. To say it’s the other way around is simply intolerant, ableist and hateful.

People with fit privilege like to tell others, “It’s a long journey, but it’s worth it and you feel so good!” Does it though? If you’re fit, you’re born that way. You didn’t make yourself fit. No one makes themself fit. So assuming that someone without fit privilege can simply “become fit” by eating healthy and working out is ableist. Furthermore, it assumes that there’s something inherently wrong with being fat. (There isn’t)

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I eat pizza and drink soda for breakfast. I have ice cream for lunch and cake for dinner. Then I have dessert, which is normally more cake and/or ice cream. I had a salad once four months ago and it was awful. Bigoted doctors are telling me that I need to lose weight. Men don’t find me attractive because they’re sexist. Everyone is expecting me to conform to their standard of beauty. It’s not me that needs to change. It’s the millions of people around me.

  • Karen Tass, 34, McDonald’s Employee and Consumer

Furthermore, being attracted to only fit people is exclusionary and bigoted. You’re pretty much saying “I don’t like you because [insert quality that can’t be controlled at all].” How is that fair? If a fit guy is approached by a fat girl, he is obligated to take her out on a date and provide whatever she wants. What? That doesn’t sound fair? Well think about how her life has been! Diversity is our strength.

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