The riots in France show us the effects of a right wing government and it’s devastating

We should all learn from the destructive right wing ideologies of France

It’s no secret that France has all but fallen. There are riots in the streets, buildings beings burned to the ground, people getting injured and property getting destroyed. Conservative propaganda will have you think that the riots are sparked by high taxes and economic uneasiness. This is simply untrue. The real cause of the riots in France are their dangerous right wing ideologies, nearly identical to Trump’s.

President Donald Trump is one of the most fascist right wing leaders this country has ever seen. If it weren’t for the peaceful members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa keeping the rowdy conservatives at bay, there would be riots all across America that would dwarf that of France. This is because conservatives and right wingers are dangerous by nature and there is no European leader more right wing than French President Macron.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron shaking hands solidifying their staunch right wing alliance

Though Emmanuel Macron may have run on a left wing platform, the results we are seeing in France are not consistent with our narrative that left wing ideologies work. Therefore, we can safely conclude that Macron is a right wing fascist just like Trump because we know full well that nothing bad would ever happen under a left wing presidency.

We can learn a lot from France right now by the opposition they are facing. Sources at NPC Daily have told us that members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter as well as a wave of feminists are en route to France right now to help our allies dethrone their right wing government and president. 


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