Why saying “sir” and “ma’am” is intolerant and bigoted and should be classified as hate speech

How involuntary sexism is tearing the country apart person by person

For far too long, people have been using the terms “sir” and “ma’am” without a second thought. This unjustified a careless sexism is part of the very problematic qualities that are tearing this country apart one person at a time. “Sir” is generally used to refer to a man or males, saying nothing about transgender individuals, let a lone non-binary identifying gender fluid well-mannered liberals who’s pronoun had not been clarified.

Likewise, “ma’am” is the equivalent for people assuming they actually know a woman when they see one. News flash – just because they have breasts, a vagina and two X chromosomes doesn’t mean they are a woman. Therefore, referring to an individual with these qualities as “ma’am” is unjustified.

Why is it unjustified? Simply put, it assumed gender. As progressive liberals, we must never under any circumstances assume the gender of another individual. Given the fact that there are over 90,000 genders, assuming you’ve guessed a perfect 1 out of 90,000 odds makes you both arrogant and a bigot if you’re wrong.

I’m an undocumented non-binary Muslim disabled transgender obese person of color and when a straight white male referred to me as “sir”, I almost vomited immediately. I had to see my psychiatrist that evening since all of the safe spaces at my university were already taken by people of color victimized by another straight white male who knew someone who attended a Ben Shapiro rally.

  • Alejandro Mouselano, UC Santa Cruz

Assuming gender without proof is prejudice and by definition, should be classified as hate speech. Anyone who uses the word “sir” or “ma’am” is no different than those who use the “n” word in regards to the darker versions of people of color. It’s sickening, wrong and should not go unnoticed.

Unless you know their pronoun, it’s best to simply ask their pronoun before addressing them. It’s as simple as that.

Hate speech cannot, under any circumstances, be tolerated by the tolerant left. Individuals who use these hateful words in public should – and rightfully so – be cited, fined, and if it’s a repeat offender, jail time.


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