Making snow angels is akin to dictatorial theocracy and should be stopped

Don't let your child take part in any bigoted or intolerant activities

As we’ve discussed in a previous article, snowmen are symbols of racial oppression and the act of building snowmen is as close to a hate crime as one can get. However, it doesn’t have to stop there – there are more casually “harmless” activities done in the snow that can be seen as problematic.

The division of church and state is clear. No national program can propagate any specific religious dogma over another. This means Christianity as well – yet in so many cases, we see Christianity shoved down our throats.

Angels are exclusive to Christianity. Dressing up as angels, displaying angels, or depicting angels in any place other than a church is problematic. America is NOT a Christian nation and to make snow angels means one wants it to be. 

As we know, snow is racist – therefore, making a christian dogmatic symbol out of a racist material is both immoral and wrong. Yet people tend to do this without a care in the world. Kids make snow angels outside of church property, and adults applaud them.

I saw some children making snow angels in the playground on my way to avocado pilates. I felt sick to my stomach. Their parents were nowhere to be found and they had no idea how much they offended me. I ran up to them screaming at the top of my lungs and destroyed their snow angels. They ran away fully understanding that it is wrong to make racist symbols of hate.

Liberals are calling Child Protective Services and reporting child abuse when they see snow angels. Allowing a child to make snow angels is no different than dressing them up as Nazis or clansmen. Indoctrinating children with hateful thoughts and ideas is where bigotry comes from. Racism is taught – it isn’t inherent and no one is born racist. Diversity is our strength.

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