Guns and Gun Violence

Why we need a cultural push to ban nerf guns and other toy firearms

It's essential to take the steps necessary towards a gun-free America

Let’s face it. We have a real gun epidemic in America. Since the beginning of 2018, there have been a total of 700 mass shootings with everything ranging from full semi-automatic AR-15s to assault rifles. Unfortunately, the American culture has a tendency to cling to their 2nd amendment “rights” and use it as an excuse to use everything they can find as a weapon.

Nerf guns may seem harmless with their foam rubber ammunition and their less than deadly discharge from spring loaded air pressure, but make no mistake – this is where it starts.

Why were almost 400 of the mass shootings this year perpetrated by children? Because they get the ideas from the easy convenience of toy guns. Just as marijuana is a gateway drug to heroin, so-called “toy guns” like nerf guns, paintball guns and even squirt guns put the idea of violence into the minds of children.

We need to attack the problem at the source. The kids are getting the ideas to shoot up schools, marketplaces and public areas because of toy guns available at any toy store.

I made the mistake of buying my 11 year old boy – who happens to be a straight white male – a nerf gun for his birthday. Luckily I was able to take it away from him just as he was enjoying it with his friends. I threw his nerf gun into the fireplace and watched it melt in front of him. He knew that we were taking the steps towards progress.

This is why every toy store and department store around the country should make an effort to ban nerf guns. Once we get these dangerous gateway weapons out of the hands of our impressionable youth, we will finally be one step closer to a gun-free America, just like the founders intended.

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