Latest From Paris: Guy in orange vest ruins everything

It takes just one to ruin the entire effect

The yellow safety vests worn by the Paris protesters have become an iconic symbol of activism and of a population discontent with unfair taxation, but one protester didn’t seem to get the memo and showed up in an orange safety vest angering many.

It was amazing to look out on the Champs-Élysées and see thousands upon thousands of yellow vests,” remarked an unidentified protester from the Parisian neighborhood of Bersey. “And then it’s all totally ruined by this one guy wearing an orange vest like an idiot. He completely ruined the aesthetic. This public outcry has turned into a public eyesore. I’m going home. I don’t even care anymore.”

The man in the orange vest also drew the ire of local law enforcement. Sargent Jacques Bonjour of the Paris Metropolitan Police publicly condemned the man as “having no sense of style” and “screwing up what could have been a damn good protest.”

French National Assembly member Jean-Luc Mélenchon also weighed in on the orange vest disturbance saying, “This particular orange doesn’t seem to fall in the EU approved band range of the color orange. This is an illegal orange. This man is in need of reeducation.”

While it’s still to be seen whether or not this will put an end to the protests, the momentum has seemed to slow down. Only time will tell what the protesters will do now. “I’m just bummed out,” said a masked protester while shaking his head. “Orange?”

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