It’s time to admit that it’s racist to be against undocumented immigration

Being anti undocumented immigration is racism to the highest degree

As we all know, an immigrant is a person of color who wants to move to America from their country of origin. We need to have sympathy for these marginalized individuals because they are among the lowest rungs of the intersectional hierarchy of victimhood.

Many conservatives are against the notion of “illegal immigration”, which in and of itself is a racist sentiment. See our article There Is No Such Thing As An “Illegal Immigrant” – All Human Beings Are Legal for more detail on that. However, given the fact that immigrants (and undocumented immigrants) are inherently people of color, it’s simply racist to be against them in any way shape or form.

It’s time for America as a country to come to terms with the fact that harboring negative feelings towards undocumented immigration is akin to being fully on board with the holocaust. In a conservative’s mind, undocumented immigrants are “illegal” and are sub-human simply because they weren’t born on American soil.

So what happens when you feel an entire demographic of people are sub-human?

Mentality like this is the beginning of the end of American freedom. We must embrace undocumented immigrants and give them every entitlement given to any other American, for free. We must give them housing and health care. We must educate them and adjust our society to adapt to their language and way of life. After all, they are coming into our country, so what’s more welcoming than assimilating around the people coming here?

If anyone even utters the term “Illegal Immigrant”, it should be classified as hate speech and dealt with appropriately. The first amendment does not protect such derogatory rhetoric.


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