We NEED higher taxes to subsidize our undocumented population

It's necessary to raise taxes on US citizens to help undocumented immigrants

We have a healthily growing population of undocumented immigrants here in the United States, and that’s good. America was founded on immigration so naturally, any hurdles put in the way of immigrants coming here are simply racist and unnecessary. The ones who do make it into America without going through the legal process should be rewarded.

But there’s a problem – these undocumented immigrants don’t have any money, skills or resources of their own. That’s why they were fleeing their wonderful country to begin with. So what are they supposed to do when they get here if we’re not here to help them?

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Simply put, it is our responsibility as a nation to take care of every single undocumented immigrant that comes here. That means free health care, free education, livable wages and every entitlement imaginable. This costs money though, so someone has to pay up.

This is why we need higher taxes on everyone so the United States can have the resources necessary to provide these people who came here and skipped the line. It’s only fair. Everyone needs to be taxes higher, especially the rich. Anyone making more than $70,000 per year should be taxed at a 65% rate and anyone making over $100,000 per year should be taxes at 90%. This will provide ample funding for our undocumented population.

We should also have taxes on services too that would otherwise not be taxed. Services like taking the cross walk, sitting on park benches, making phone calls and sending emails. Luckily, California is already one step ahead with their proposed texting tax that will greatly help undocumented immigration.

Together, we will be a nation of welcoming and tolerance. Anyone who disagrees with these policies should and will be ostracized accordingly.


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